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The best resource for the Open Web.

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Use the .wasm format as a compiler target.

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Fresh from our blog

Fresh from our blog

  • Firefox 66: The Sound of Silence

    Firefox 66 is out, and brings with it a host of great new features like screen sharing, scroll anchoring, autoplay blocking for audible media, and initial support for the Touch Bar on macOS.

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  • A Homepage for the JavaScript Specification

    Ecma TC39 has shipped a website for following updates to the JavaScript specification. It’s the first part of a two-part project to help people find the information they need in order to understand the specification and our process. The current website is a simple MVP that provides links to our most significant documents, as well as a list of proposals that are near completion. We will experiment with other features as the need arises.

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  • Fast, Bump-Allocated Virtual DOMs with Rust and Wasm

    Dodrio is a new virtual DOM library that is designed to leverage the strengths of both Wasm’s linear memory and Rust’s low-level control by making extensive use of fast bump allocation. Early benchmarking results validate Dodrio’s design and show that it already has best-in-class performance. Now we’re seeking feedback from real-world usage.

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A new layout system for the Web.

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Mozilla’s next-generation web engine.

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A systems programming language that is fast and safe.

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Powerful Web technologies that help push games to the new level.

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Build exciting virtual reality Web pages using HTML.

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